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Starfest 2007 Movie News Panel

Posted by Michael - April 30, 2007 at 12:19 pm

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Podcast Issue #7 – Starfest 2007

Direct from the Starfest 2007 convention, Michael, Jefferson, and Jonathan go over most of the upcoming Movie and TV projects out there. All the stuff coming next including, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man 3 and many, many more.

This is a great first issue to listen to.

Issue 7

Posted by Michael - April 27, 2007 at 1:45 pm

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Podcast Issue #6 – Getting Things Wrong

This was intended to be uploaded before the weekend, but preparations for the live event this weekend got in the way.  In the meantime we got a story wrong (along with the rest of the internet).

Week of April 17, 2007


1.    We received another Fake news story from Blake, keep ‘em coming.

Corrections and Notes from the previous show:

1.    Nova was a member of the Nova Corps. and bore a very strong resemblance to Green Lantern.
2.    The Sandman is unlikely to be a movie any time soon.
3.    Secret Wars was done as storyline in the 90s Spider-Man animated series.
4.    Thanos was used in the 90s Silver Surfer series.


1.    Ed Norton cast as Bruce Banner in the Incredible Hulk.
2.    Laurence Fishburne is the voice of Galactus in FF2. (Since we recorded this, this has since been corrected, he’s actually playing the voice of Silver Surfer).
3.    Christina Ricci joins the cast of Speed Racer as Trixie.
4.    Bill Smitrovich cast in Iron Man.
5.    First picture of Iron Man in the first model “Grey Armor” has hit the web.
6.    A new screenwriter on Punisher 2.
7.    Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) talks Smallville Season 7
8.    The creator of Ghost Rider is suing Marvel, Sony and anyone else with an address.
9.    The Tribeca film festival will host the US premiere of Spider-Man 3 next month in all 5 boroughs of New York City,
10.    The festival will also have two panels on Superhero Movies.
11.    A Will Eisner documentary will also debut at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Discussion Topics:

1.    Heroes is back April 23, watch it, we love it.
2.    Read the graphic novels at we discuss how NBC has really created an active world outside of the show with the novels and the interactive text messages.
3.    The next show will be in front of a live audience at Starfest

Posted by Michael - April 24, 2007 at 1:47 pm

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Another Fake Press Release

Blake sent us another FAKE press release.  Again, THIS IS FAKE, but funny.


April O’Neil, the TV journalist-turned-archeologist-turned-actress, underwent a radical hip removal surgery in preparation for the recently released TMNT just weeks before filming began. Rumor of the surgery has been circulating around the internet for some time, but has finally reached a fever-pitch with audiences’ first glimpse of the new April on film. Ms. O’Neil’s representatives prepared a statement in light of the public outcry.

“April O’Neil has done nothing that other film stars have not done in preparation for a role,” said the actress’s representatives.

If the rumors are indeed true (as our reliable sources lead us to believe) the medical ramifications are mortifying.

“It is generally agreed upon in the medical community that the hip bone is connected to the femur bone,” said Dr. Hollis Mason, an expert in the field. “If the hip bone is completely absent, it would seem the femur would have no place to attach itself to. At any moment, with the slightest wrong move, her femur could be shoved into one of her organs. It sounds like fantasy, but it could very well happen. You just watch, men and women. Just watch.”

Dr. Norman McCay, a pediatric psychologist, has expressed concern over what this image will communicate to impressionable teenagers about their own body image.
“O’Neil needs to realize that she is a role model,” warns Dr. McCay. “These girls will look at their own waists and think they are not good enough. They will all keep tightening their belts and starving themselves until the respectable image of a healthy woman has been blown to kingdom come. This is a terrible burden to place these young women under.”

O’Neil’s next role, assuming she avoids liver puncture from her femur, will be opposite John Goodman in the romantic comedy, Opposites Attract.

Posted by Michael - April 17, 2007 at 9:20 am

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Podcast Issue #5 – Superhero Shtick

Week of April 11th, 2007

First we apologize for the amount of time since the last issue.  Then we talk about our very cool new logo image provided by Cory Gray of

The apology for this week’s show is that there’s a really bad echo on Jefferson’s microphone.  We got Jonathan a new headset mic after the first 3 shows, and he sounds much better ever since, we’ve ordered the same one for Jefferson.


1.    Fake casting notice for the Superhero Guys in The Dark Knight, sent in by Blake.
2.    We also answer Blake’s question about rumored villains in the next Superman sequel, as part of that we get a little into the history of Brainiac.
3.    Jason asks us an entry on Wil Wheaton’s where he is asked about being in Watchmen, we discuss the possibility and the quote from the movie’s directory Zach Snyder about the direction the casting will take.
4.    Jason also asks about Heroes and whether the hiatus is too long and if that can hurt a show, we have several different opinions on this one.  We compare Heroes to Lost, X-Files and 24.
5.    Jeff from Thornton CO asks about what characters would we like to see made into movies and TV shows.  Not a small subject.


1.    One last 300 box office report.
2.    Incredible Hulk updates, new effects company, etc.
3.    Eric Johnson (Smallville) will be Flash in SciFi Channel’s Flash Gordon TV series.
4.    Leslie Bibb cast in Iron Man.
5.    First set pictures from Iron Man are out, are Tony Stark and Pepper Potts an item in the film?
6.    Lauren Shuler-Donner producing DC’s The Metal Men.
7.    Ben Stiller producing an animated film for Dreamworks Animation called MasterMind.
8.    Ghost Rider on DVD June 12.
9.    The Secrets of Isis complete series on July 24.
10.     New David Goyer project, Super Max, must be heard to be believed.

Rumor Treadmill:

1.    Returning cast and director for Spider-Man 4?
2.    John Goodman and Susan Sarandon in talks to play Speed Racer’s parents.
3.    Nadia Bjorlin is not Wonder Woman.
4.    Jason Schwartzman in a possible cameo in Spider-Man 3.
5.    Orlando Bloom in a future Superman film?  Based on a lunch sighting.

Posted by Michael - April 16, 2007 at 1:49 pm

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Podcast Issue #4 – The Lost Episode

Week of March 28th, 2007 (This was uploaded 2 weeks late, the next show will follow very quickly)

Corrections and additions from last issue:

1.    Michael does a mea culpa about Captain Marvel/Shazam
2.    Episode counts for the Superman 1966 and Batman 1977 animated series DVDs
3.    Additional details on Whiteout and the Surrogates
4.    Bud Collier’s history playing Superman
5.    Joel Silver quote about the Wonder Woman Movie


1.    Box Office TMNT, 300, and Ghost Rider all on the charts
2.    Gatchaman next animated film from makers of TMNT
3.    Final Spider-Man 3 Trailer
4.    Robot casting finally for Transformers
5.    Emile Hirsch cast as Speed Racer
6.    Original Birdman and Space Ghost series coming to DVD July 17
7.    Masked Magician graphic novel coming, yes, really

Rumor Treadmill:

1.    Alan Dale not in The Dark Knight
2.    Simon Pegg and Jackie Earle Haley for Rorshach?
3.    Is Shaun Toub the Mandarin in Iron Man?
4.    Johnny Depp and Antonio Banderas in Sin City 2
5.    Matthew Modine likely to be in The Incredible Hulk, part unknown

We answer an email from Jared of Pensacola Fl, and talk about who the villain Morlun is from Spider-Man and could he be a future movie villain.

Issue 4

Posted by Michael - April 13, 2007 at 1:54 pm

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Fan Mail

This is a great email I got from Blake, who sent us this story.



Variety has reported that two unknown actors, known only as Jonathan and Jefferson, have been recently cast as Detectives Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya in the upcoming Christopher Nolan-directed Batman sequel, The Dark Knight.

The two thespians have not appeared in any major Hollywood work before but are best known for co-hosting the “Superhero Cinema” podcast.

Oddly enough, according to our sources, it is still unknown which actor will be playing Bullock and which will be playing Montoya. It is, however, worth noting that Detective Renee Montoya is in fact a female character who is, apparently, being played by a male actor.

“We’re going to have photography sessions with each actor in a two-piece, somewhat revealing swimsuit,” a Warner Brothers representative said.

“We will base our casting decision on those photographs and which image will attract the highest numbers of our target demographic.”

Speculation is wild regarding the possible casting of the third co-host of the “Superhero Cinema” podcast, known as Michael, and who he may potentially play in the sequel. The most prominent internet rumors suggest he may be cast as Harold (the Batman’s mechanic), Thomas Elliot (a childhood friend of the Batman), or Harley Quinn (henchwoman of the Heath Ledger-played Joker).

Michael’s potential casting of the latter character will, according to sources, also be based on a rigid swimsuit test.

The film has begun its principle photography and is being aimed at for a June 2008 release date.

Posted by Michael - April 9, 2007 at 2:24 pm

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New iTunes Logo Image

Thanks to our friend, Cory Gray, graphic designer, we now have a new professional image for iTunes, you will see it embedded with the next new episode.

Cory’s other work can be seen at

Here’s the image:

Posted by Michael - April 9, 2007 at 1:51 pm

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