About Jefferson

Jefferson can’t remember at time when he didn’t read comic books. As a child he devoured the contents of the spinner rack at the local grocery store, and his first visit to a comic book shop was a transformative experience from which he never recovered.

He read mainly Marvel books until 1986 when Watchmen and Dark Knight changed everything, then switched to DC, and later Vertigo and a wide range of indy books, everything from Jon Sable Freelance to Love and Rockets.

He absolutely adores westerns, especially DC’s Jonah Hex.

In the mid 1990s Jefferson published six issues of End of the Line, an anthology of local Denver comics talent. Following this he ran Makeshift Comics, a mail order company devoted to small press comic books. Later he opened a retail comic book store in Denver which he operated for five years.

Jefferson currently lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife Katherine and 19-year-old cat Tasha. He writes about comics for the Pacific Northwest College of Art’s Continuing Education program and occasionally works as a graphic designer.