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Superhero movies come of age – Batman XXX: A Porn Parody

When Will Smith promoted his superhero comedy Hancock he joked that when the inevitable porn knock-off was made, the schlockmeisters wouldn’t even have to change the title.  Smith was acknowledging the near pandemic frequency of low-brow, low-budget pornographers who hijack mainstream movies and, with little evidence of wit, transform them into adult entertainment. Edward Scissorhands, West Side Story and Saving Private Ryan, to name a few, have been reimagined as the Edward Penis Hands, Breast Side Story and Shaving Ryan’s Privates.  It’s easy to create a lascivious sounding title; it’s much harder to recreate the essence and look of the original source material.

Vivid Video, an adult film company, has recently released Batman XXX: A Porn Parody. reported that the film’s “two trailers garnered over 1 million views on YouTube and the DVD has topped sales charts for nearly two months.”  The Hollywood Reporter estimated Vivid films sales account for a “$100 million slice of an industry that has been estimated to bring in as much as $13 billion a year (compared to mainstream box office of $10.6 billion).”

Judging from the two trailers, the filmmakers have accurately and slavishly copied the glossy and colorful look of the popular Batman 1960s TV show. The costumes are near perfect facsimiles of the outfits worn by the original cast (although I’m pretty sure that Adam West’s duds did not have “XXX” emblazed across his chest.)  Reuters reported that Vivid implied that in an effort to make the outfits look authentic they hired the show’s original costume designers.

Batman XXX: The Porn Parody recreates hallmark moments from the original show including: Batman dancing the Batusi, Robin idiosyncratically using the interjection “Holy,” the Dynamic duo chit-chatting while climbing up the side of a building, purple-suited and green-haired Joker laughing maniacally, and sultry Catwoman slinking suggestively around her lair.  Unlike the TV show, the porn version posits what happens when the heroes take off their costumes and make nice with the bad guys and gals.

During production of the original series, Caesar Romero didn’t want to shave off his famous mustache to play the Joker and the producers didn’t want to alter the look of the iconic baddie.  A solution was devised whereby the make-up team covered up and mashed down the offending facial hair with copious amount of white paint.  The near perfect result is that unless you know about the secret stash you wouldn’t notice it.  Amusingly, the actor portraying The Joker in the porn parody also sports a mustache that is similarly but, in this case, purposefully not completely concealed.

In the trailer, we also see a Batmobile so authentic that I wondered at first if the filmmakers illegally used footage from the original show.  They didn’t; they simply rented a replica.  Familiar sound-alike music punctuates the action, and we are reminded of the cartoon that preceded the series starring Adam West and that words like “Kapow!” and “Thwack!” were sprinkled over fight scenes.

Batman XXX, sold for a whopping $36.79 at Vivid’s website, has proven to be so popular that the company created a new division called Vivid-Superhero which will be tasked with creating other superhero-inspired films.  Superman XXX is already in preproduction and future films will feature other DC and Marvel characters, including Spider-Man, the Hulk, Wonder Woman and Captain America.

The roots of these superherocentric porn films lie somewhere between Slash fiction (where writers create stories that depict fictional characters engaged in sexual situations) and fan-films (where amateur filmmakers makes moves based on their favorite characters for their own amusement).

Because fan-films are rarely made as commercial ventures, the fan community was surprised that DC comics (as well as Paramount and other film studios) targeted them, aspiring Christopher Nolans, with legal cease-and-desist letters. The well-intentioned fans were relieved when DC changed its official position in 2008 by stating “We’re against anything that monetizes our assets and our copyrights without our permission. We are not against things where people use our assets if they don’t do anything monetarily with them.”

At the end of the Batman XXX trailer, a disclaimer states obviously that the film is a parody and that Batman and the gang are copyrighted characters that are owned by DC and Warner Bros. who are not affiliated with Batman XXX. Given the all-too-faithful recreations of the original show’s look and sound, Vivid Video is probably testing the legal limits between parody and copyright violation.  The 2011 release of Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody will no doubt further intensify the discussion.

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Ah, the reboot. How we love to hate thee.

You know, when I was at the apex of reading comics, there was one reboot that made me stop reading them to the extent that I was.  It was  Amazing Spider-Man.  The editorial staff at Marvel, in all their glorious wisdom, decided that the Peter Parker that we the readers knew and loved for over 200 issues wasn’t Peter at all, but a clone named Ben Reilly.  And even though they said “Whoops, we take it back,” the damage was done.  I was no longer a faithful reader of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.  It was a big ol’ fail of a semi-reboot.  And they had another one recently after the whole Civil War thing where Spidey revealed himself publically, but Mephisto said “Backsies!” and everything was back to a semi-status quo.

Now, the big kerfluffle and the latest character to get a reboot, is everybody’s favorite superhero born with the concept of female bondage: Wonder Woman.  Well, I don’t know much about her tangled timeline, but it sounds like she is due for a reboot.  Will the masses flock to the title knowing that they don’t need to know what happened before?  Will they alienate all the loyal readers who have been rewarded with sticking with the title through thick and thin?  Do those readers even exist anymore? (Note to self…future Superhero Cinema News blog entry comparing the music industry’s CD sales to comic book industry’s subscription sales).

I wish DC the best of luck.  They’re not my comic publisher of choice (heck, I buy more Dark Horse titles now than Marvel), but I don’t wish them ill.  I don’t necessarily hate thee, but I scoff at their attempt to reboot.  You never know.

And here is the new costume to go with the reboot.  Less skin, more black leather.  May all fanboys drool:

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Hulk vs. Thor VS Hulk vs. Wolverine

Back in the day when I first started branching out from reading Spider-Man comics, I was drawn in by a little limited series called the Inifinity Gauntlet.  I was fascinated by everyday heroes fighting against and amongst cosmic beings.  The thought of Captain America making a stand against somebody like Thanos was awesome and awe-inspiring.  Now that you know my cosmic leanings, you may have guessed which of the two “movies” on this disc that I preferred.

While Thor clocks in as the longer movie of the two, it is totally worth it and makes quite the smashing punch.  I’m not well versed in all the relationships in the Thor corner of the Marvel-verse, but I didn’t feel at a loss as it was easy to pick up on what was happening and who was involved with who, etc.  It was amazing to think about how once Bruce Banner was removed from the psyche of Hulk that he might truly have no upper limits to his strength, endurance, and mindlessness for destruction.  If Hulk can (Spoiler Alert!) beat the tar out of Thor and take out pretty much everybody in Asgard, how would the writers resolve this plot!  Very well and by thinking about the Hulk’s Achilles Heel, that’s how.  I am a big fan of cosmic/god-like characters with great action and Hulk vs. Thor delivered.

On the other hand, we have a more down-to-Earth “Hulk” story.  I put Hulk in quotation marks because this story seems to focus more on Wolverine and his encounter with the Weapon X project with the Hulk thrown into the mix to stir up the pot.  Now I love seeing Lady Deathstrike torn apart as much as the next guy, but I can’t be the only one who found the one scene with her and Hulk screaming at each other pretty funny, right?  I appreciated seeing Deadpool getting his ass handed to him…even though he’s funny, it’s good to see him get a good pounding every now and then.

Overall, I like seeing the Hulk in vs. Wolverine, although it definitely felt like he was an ingredient and not the main course as he was in vs. Thor.  I give the Thor segment 4 stars out of 5 and the Wolverine one 3 stars.  May the Hulk continue to smash for many years to come.

Posted by Jonathan - March 23, 2010 at 12:20 pm

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The planet’s not called Hulk, but the movie title is…called Planet Hulk

I grew up loving Spider-Man.  (A weird way to start a review of Planet Hulk, but go with me here).  I started with issue 248 way back in the day and my mom purchased it for me at a local drug store.  She said to go over to the spinny rack and pick one out.  Sweet!  My 8-year old eyes perused the racks and I had narrowed it down to the one with a bad guy looming over Spider-Man and one with a big green monster on the cover.  I chose the webhead because the other one frightened me too much.  Yikes!

I don’t have that same fear of the Hulk now that I did then, however, so I was able to really enjoy Planet Hulk.   And this one was a great movie.  It had an emotional core with the Hulk and Caiera and great fighting scenes in the gladiator-style arena.  You can’t beat the ones in the beginning where the Hulk is just trying to get out and doesn’t play well with others, but when he joins the fight, it’s over pretty quick!  Hulk does indeed smash.

One of the scenes that has stayed with me weeks after I have watched the movie and is the most heart-wrenching is when Caiera attempts to save a little girl from the second invasion of the spore-things.  Truly sad and gives this film weight and makes it not merely a superhero movie, but a film with depth that will have you rooting for the Hulk and enjoying the beauty that is this movie.

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Podcast Issue #11: No Snake-Eyes, no dice

Yes, it’s been 5 weeks since we put out a show, it’s bad, real bad.  We have two shows recorded, including this one.  And we’re
doing another one tonight!
Week of June 13, 2007

Opinions and corrections

1.    Mob boss in Batman Begins was Carmine Falcone.
2.    What Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez are doing next.
3.    Jonathan rants about Fantastic Four 2.


1.    Spider-Man box office post Pirates 3
2.    Several scenes of Dark Knight will be shot in IMAX format.
3.    William Hurt playing “Thunderbolt” Ross in Incredible Hulk.
4.    Iron Man going for PG-13.
5.    Supergirl coming to Smallville.
6.    Matthew Fox is Racer X in Speed Racer.
7.    Heroes Season 2 casting.
8.    Teen Titans movie, for Warner Brothers.
9.    Hasbro renews deal with Paramount for feature film of GI Joe.
10.    Transformers moved up 1 day.
11.    Warner Bros developing Thundercats,
12.    Walt Disney in deal with Stan Lee.
13.    Role Playing videogame “City of Heroes” being developed.
14.    Superman vs. Doomsday will premiere at Comic Con.

Rumor Treadmill:

1.    Criss Angel (Mindfreak) In Mandrake
2.    Zach Snyder still wants Butler in Watchmen.
3.    John Cusack wants in Watchmen.

Issue 11

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Podcast Issue #10 – Surf Worthy

Week of  May 23, 2007

Opinions and Corrections:

1. Heroes finale – what the hell?
2. Smallville finale thoughts.
3. Fantastic Four 2 movie trailers – We ask, how many is too many?
4. Neil Gaiman’s Stardust.


1.    Spider-Man box office, Week 3.
2.    The Dark Knight, casting news and viral marketing campaign.
3.    Heroes Season 2 and DVD news.
4.    Thomas Jane out as the Punisher.
5.    Sgt Rock film news.
6.    Robert Rodriguez to direct Barbarella.
7.    Bionic Woman picked up by NBC
8.    Another convention appearance at Opus Fest.

Rumor Treadmill:

1.    The Rock wants to play Shazam/Captain Marvel.
2.    Gerard Butler not in Watchmen.
3.    Possible Watchmen casting, not sure we’re happy about it.

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Podcast Issue #6 – Getting Things Wrong

This was intended to be uploaded before the weekend, but preparations for the live event this weekend got in the way.  In the meantime we got a story wrong (along with the rest of the internet).

Week of April 17, 2007


1.    We received another Fake news story from Blake, keep ‘em coming.

Corrections and Notes from the previous show:

1.    Nova was a member of the Nova Corps. and bore a very strong resemblance to Green Lantern.
2.    The Sandman is unlikely to be a movie any time soon.
3.    Secret Wars was done as storyline in the 90s Spider-Man animated series.
4.    Thanos was used in the 90s Silver Surfer series.


1.    Ed Norton cast as Bruce Banner in the Incredible Hulk.
2.    Laurence Fishburne is the voice of Galactus in FF2. (Since we recorded this, this has since been corrected, he’s actually playing the voice of Silver Surfer).
3.    Christina Ricci joins the cast of Speed Racer as Trixie.
4.    Bill Smitrovich cast in Iron Man.
5.    First picture of Iron Man in the first model “Grey Armor” has hit the web.
6.    A new screenwriter on Punisher 2.
7.    Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) talks Smallville Season 7
8.    The creator of Ghost Rider is suing Marvel, Sony and anyone else with an address.
9.    The Tribeca film festival will host the US premiere of Spider-Man 3 next month in all 5 boroughs of New York City,
10.    The festival will also have two panels on Superhero Movies.
11.    A Will Eisner documentary will also debut at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Discussion Topics:

1.    Heroes is back April 23, watch it, we love it.
2.    Read the graphic novels at we discuss how NBC has really created an active world outside of the show with the novels and the interactive text messages.
3.    The next show will be in front of a live audience at Starfest

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Podcast Issue #4 – The Lost Episode

Week of March 28th, 2007 (This was uploaded 2 weeks late, the next show will follow very quickly)

Corrections and additions from last issue:

1.    Michael does a mea culpa about Captain Marvel/Shazam
2.    Episode counts for the Superman 1966 and Batman 1977 animated series DVDs
3.    Additional details on Whiteout and the Surrogates
4.    Bud Collier’s history playing Superman
5.    Joel Silver quote about the Wonder Woman Movie


1.    Box Office TMNT, 300, and Ghost Rider all on the charts
2.    Gatchaman next animated film from makers of TMNT
3.    Final Spider-Man 3 Trailer
4.    Robot casting finally for Transformers
5.    Emile Hirsch cast as Speed Racer
6.    Original Birdman and Space Ghost series coming to DVD July 17
7.    Masked Magician graphic novel coming, yes, really

Rumor Treadmill:

1.    Alan Dale not in The Dark Knight
2.    Simon Pegg and Jackie Earle Haley for Rorshach?
3.    Is Shaun Toub the Mandarin in Iron Man?
4.    Johnny Depp and Antonio Banderas in Sin City 2
5.    Matthew Modine likely to be in The Incredible Hulk, part unknown

We answer an email from Jared of Pensacola Fl, and talk about who the villain Morlun is from Spider-Man and could he be a future movie villain.

Issue 4

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Starfest 2005 Video Room Schedule

Superhero Theater

Friday              The New Breed

6:00pm       Blade II (2002)

8:00pm       The Incredibles (2004)

10:00pm     Hellboy (2004)

Saturday       Marvel Madness

8:00am       Captain America (1966) Animated

8:30am       Sub-Mariner (1966) Animated

9:00am       Incredible Hulk (1966) Animated

9:30am       Spider-Man (1967) Animated

10:00am     The Amazing Spider-Man (1978)

11:30am     Spider-Man Animated (2002) Flash Memory with Jeffrey Combs

12:00pm     The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (1989) with Daredevil

1:30pm       Incredible Hulk (1982) Animated Origin of the Hulk

2:00pm       X2: X-Men United (2003)

4:00pm       Fantastic Four (1994) Unreleased Feature

5:30pm       Fantastic Four (1978) Animated and Trailers for new FF movie

6:00pm       Captain America II: Death Too Soon (1979) TV Movie

7:30pm       X-Men Evolution (2004) Animated with Captain America

8:00pm       Dr. Strange (1978) TV Movie

9:30pm       Incredible Hulk (1996) Animated with Dr. Strange

10:00pm     Doctor Mordrid  (1992) “Dr. Strange” film starring Jeffrey Combs

Sunday         DC Dazzle

8:00am       Superman (1966) Animated

8:30am       Flash (1966) Animated

9:00am       Justice League (1966) Animated

9:30am       Justice League Unlimited (2004) Fearful Symmetry

with Jeffrey Combs

10:00am     Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993)

11:30am     Batman Fan Films and Trailers for Batman Begins

12:00pm     The New Original Wonder Woman (1975)

1:30pm       Justice League Unlimited (2004) Hawk and Dove

2:00pm       Upcoming Superhero Projects Discussion

3:00pm       The Flash (1990) Captain Cold with Jeffrey Combs

4:00pm       Superman: The Movie (1978)

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