Podcast Issue #2 – Love Interest

Corrections and Clarifications:

1. Jeff Bridges’ part in Iron Man
2. Maggie Gyllenhal in talks for The Dark Knight
3. Bruce Timm is in the clear for Braniac Attacks
4. Teen Titans really is cancelled
5. Bionic Woman lead actress
6. TMNT voice cast
7. The original JLA lineup

Plus we answer our first ever (and only so far) email.

New items discussed:

1. Box office returns for 300 and Ghost Rider
2. Jefferson reviews 300 and we discuss hopes for Watchmen
3. Frank Miller’s storytelling
4. A new screenwriter for Shazam
5. A new Batsuit?
6. Spiderman/Venom trailer
7. Hellboy animated updates
8. Special edition Fantastic Four DVD
9. Speed Racer details, release date and not much more
10. Lynda Carter cast in Smallville

Issue 2