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Starfest 2008 Superhero Movie News Panel

I know, clearly i’m catching up on a lot of old editing I needed to do.

Flashback to the biggest year in Superhero Movies ever! 2008 was packed, this is our panel from that year’s Starfest, it was the last time Jefferson came back to Denver for the con.

It’s a good hour, it’s fun to see what we got right and what we got wrong, and it had a lot of good Q&A with the audience.

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Starfest 2010 Movie News Panel

My news segment from April 2010 at the Starfest Convention in Denver CO. Obviously stuff changes on a daily basis, and things have changed in the month since I did this, but it’s a good primer on the current info. Also I think it was entertaining and possibly the best presentation i’ve given of this type.

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Goodbye old design.

Superhero Cinema is entering a new era, i’ve moved the site to a new platform, WordPress, I hope you like the new design for the site.  It should still keep you informed about the latest news from around the web, but also help highlight our own content better.  There should also be none of the glitches caused by our old software.

Please go ahead and use the Contact Us form to let me know how you like the new look and the new functionality.

In the meantime, the old design server us well for 3 years, and all through our podcast time.  Here’s a last look at that:

Superhero Cinema Site Design 2007-2010

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Podcast Issue #18 – Who’s Your Showrunner?

We make up for the last show’s length, lots and lots of reviews, plus a little news.
End of September 2007.

Notes and Reviews:

1.    Shout out to Bridge City Comics.
2.    Jonathan reviews Silver Surfer: Requiem.
3.    Comics/movies synergy?
4.    Superman/Doomsday reviews.
5.    Interview with Lori Petty.


1.    Iron Man Trailer reviews.
2.    Wolverine shooting in November in Sydney Austrailia.
3.    Incredible Hulk shooting photos.
4.    Showrunner change on Bionic Woman.
5.    Blade pilot on DVD.
6.    Spectacular Spider-Man series order extended from 13 to 26 episodes.
7.    Season Finale of 4400 review.
8.    Spiderman 3 getting full court press from Sony Oct 30th.  First High Def release with all HD extras.


1.    Kevin McKidd possible for Thor or Donald Blake.
2.    Iron Man not flying?.
3.    Introducing the Gyllenhal scale for rumors.

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Podcast Issue #17 – The Short One

This is our shortest show ever, I guess I was just really tired after DragonCon, we’re excited about the Iron Man teaser, the Scream Awards on Spike and new rumors about JLA.

Beginning of September 2007

Emails and corrections:

1.    Transformers 1:  Optimus was Peter Cullen, not Culkin
2.    Transformers 2: Voice of Starscream in new animated series is Tom Kenny not  Chris Latta
3.    DragonCon – CRAZY!
4.    Interview clip with John Wesley Shipp.


1.    Iron Man Teaser on TV September 10.
2.    Stephen Sommers (Mummy) directing GI JOE.
3.    A writer is hired for GI JOE.
4.    Documentary about Christopher Reeve.
5.    Punisher 2 is now Punisher: War Zone.
6.    Hancock, casting and synopsis.
7.    ACLU putting out comic books.
8.    Scream Awards on Spike TV October 23.


1.    JLA Rumors continue, casting notices?
2.    Wonder Twins?

Issue 17

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Podcast Issue #16 – Those Blogging Directors

A whole lotta reviews, plus casting and directing news about Heroes, The Spirit and more.
End of August 2007


1. Dr. Strange DVD
2. Flash Gordon TV Series
3. Jonathan reviews World War Hulk.
4. Who Wants to be a Superhero?


1. The Spirit casting.
2. Carla Gugino added to Watchmen as Sally Jupiter.
3. Heroes casting –Kristin Bell (Veronica Mars) the big coup.
4. Nichelle Nichols added to Heroes.
5. Matthew Vaughn (Stardust) directing Thor.
6. Ed Norton re-writing script on The Incredible Hulk.
7. Iron Man footage from Comic-Con coming out.
8. The Dark Knight presentation at Wizard World Chicago.
9. Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy in The Dark Knight.
10. Spiderman 3 on DVD October 30th.
11. Fantastic Four 2 on DVD October 2nd.
12. Transformers on DVD in November.
13. 300 best selling high-def DVD title so far.
14. SciFi Channel show for 2008, The Awesomes, from the producers of Saturday Night Live.


1. George Miller directing JLA?
2. JLA back on the fast track?

Issue 16

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Podcast Issue #15 – Comic-Con, Comic-Con, Comic-Con

Beginning of August 2007

Emails and corrections

1.    Timelord from asks about Green Hornet
2.    Linnie G about Cillian Murphy in The Dark Knight
3.    USPS Marvel Stamps
4.    Ray Stevenson was Titus Pullo in Rome.
5.    Last day of Comic-Con sold out

Comic Con Discussion

You’ll have to listen to get the details.


None this time, it’s all part of the Comic-Con discussion.

Issue 15

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Superhero Cinema Fan Alert

From listening to the show, you know that i’m going to Dragon Con in Atlanta next week.  While I can’t guarantee it, i’m hoping to get some interviews with some of the more than 100 guests who will be there.

Here’s where you all come in, i’ve never really done celebrity interviews, so I could use some help with questions for them.

Here is a list of the Superhero Cinema-related guests and what they’ve been in:

William Katt (Star, Greatest American Hero)
John Wesley Shipp (Star, The Flash)
Feedback (Who Wants to Be a Superhero)
Major Victory (Who Wants to Be a Superhero)
Fat Mama (Who Wants to Be a Superhero)
James Marsters (Braniac, Smallville, Lex Luthor, Superman:Doomsday)
Lori Petty (Live Wire, Superman: TAS, Tank Girl)
Louis Gossett Jr (Lucius Fox, The Batman, Jake, The Punisher)
Jonathan Frakes (Tim, Lois and Clark, Xanatos, Gargoyles)
Juliet Landau (Tala, Justice League)
David Faustino (Static Shock, Zeta Project, Batman Beyond)
Marc Singer (Dr Kirk Langstrom/ManBat, Batman: TAS, The Beastmaster)
Aaron Douglas (Blade 2)

If you have anything you would like me to ask any of these guests, i’m happy to be your voice.  Email your questions to If you call and leave your questions as a voicemail, I will actually play your question for the celebrity and we will include it in the show, the number to leave your voicemail is 303-800-HERO, that’s 303-800-4376.

Any help you can send my way will be appreciated.


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Podcast Issue #14 – Countdown to Comic-Con

Middle of July 2007

Discussion and Corrections

1.    The actor who played the head of Sector 7 in Transformers was Michael O’Neill.
2.    Comic-Con schedule.


1.    Laura Vandervoort cast as Supergirl in Smallville.
2.    Heroes receives 8 emmy nominations.
3.    Heroes named Program of the Year by the TCA.
4.    Seth Rogen is in talks for Green Hornet.
5.    Seth Rogen wants Stephen Chow for Kato.
6.    Gavin Hood (Tsotsi) directing Wolverine.
7.    Fox registers and
8.    Transformers box office.
9.    Jonah Hex news.
10.    Who Wants to be a Superhero starts this week.

Rumor Treadmill

1.    Watchmen casting…again.
2.    Dark Knight teaser.
3.    Ray Stevenson (Rome) starring in Punisher 2.
4.    Avi Arad confirms Sam Jackson in Iron Man (Nick Fury) cameo?  Hilary Swank too?

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Podcast Issue #13 – All Sparked Up

I know, there’s no Issue 12, it will be put out, but probably not until after Comic-Con, this show and the next two after it
are more important because of Comic-Con.

1st half of July 2007

Show update

1.    We’re moving to a bi-weekly schedule.
2.    We now have phone number for feedback 303-800-HERO.


1.    Transformers Box Office, broke all records for a “non sequel”.
2.    Transformers reviews.
3.    New Transformers animated series.
4.    Future Spider-Man films?
5.    Christian Bale on second Batman sequel.
6.    Casting news for The Dark Knight.
7.    New Line options Conan.
8.    Heroes casting news.
9.    Heroes world tour for DVD release.
10.    Watchmen casting historical figures.
11.    Screenplay for Sgt Rock.
12.    A rant about casting big name actors in Superhero films.
13.    Comic-Con schedule announced.

Rumor Treadmill

1.    Billy Crudup for Dr Manhattan in Watchmen?
2.    Has Watchmen viral marketing begun?
3.    Superman Returns sequel? Kevin Spacey back?

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