About Michael

Michael bio photoMichael’s Geek Cred:

Michael’s love of superhero movies began at the age of 8, when he saw the first full page newspaper ad for the 1978 Christopher Reeve Superman Film.   He ran into the next room to excitedly tell his parents “You will believe a man can fly!”

Michael began going to conventions at the age of 10, his parents took him to his first, HoustonCon 1980, they’ve never been to another convention since, he’s never stopped going.  He began volunteering at conventions at the age of 12, and his love of fandom and superhero movies has never stopped.  Michael wrote his first college paper for film school on the process to get the 1989 Batman film made, quoting such luminaries as Starlog editor David McDonnell and publicists Jeff Walker and Terry Erdmann.

While volunteering for the local Denver Sci-Fi Convention, Starfest, Michael had the opportunity to take over one of the video rooms and turn it into Superhero Cinema, one of the only (possibly the only) convention video rooms dedicated to 3 full days of Superhero Movies and TV shows.

Now he runs the video room, and a website devoted to superhero movie news, with a podcast, as well as speaking at conventions showing movie trailers and covering superhero movie news.

Oh, and in between all of that, he has a beautiful wife, Amy, two chinchillas Nacho and Margarita, and is the IT Director for a major Design Firm in Boulder, CO.