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Starfest 2010 Video Room Schedule

Starfest April 16-18 2010 for more details.

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Starfest 2009 Video Room Schedule

Superhero Cinema Starfest 2009
Marriott DTC – Denver CO


6:00pm  Legend of the Lone Ranger (1981)
8:00pm  Iron Man (2008)
10:00pm Wonder Woman (2009) Animated Movie


8:00am  The Shadow (1994) with Ethan Phillips
9:30am  Wolverine and the X-Men (2009) Episodes 1-3
11:00am Superhero Cinema News Panel
12:00pm Upcoming Movie Trailers and Superhero Fan Films
1:00pm  Gargoyles (1994) The Gathering Part 2 and Possession with Brent Spiner
Iron Man Armored Adventures (2009)
2:00pm  Smallville (2001) Quest with Robert Picardo
Heroes (2006) The Butterfly Effect with William Katt
Greatest American Hero (1981) with William Katt
4:00pm  Bionic Woman (1976) Welcome Home Jaime
Bionic Woman (2007) Pilot with Katee Sackhoff
6:30pm  Under the Hood (2009) Watchmen Extra Film
7:00pm  X-2 (2003) Featuring Wolverine
9:00pm  Dark Knight (2008)

Midnight Go to Panel Room 1 (The Aspen Theater, near the Atrium)
For a special screening of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog


8:00am  Automan (1993) Pilot
9:00am  The Flash (1990) Child’s Play with Patricia Tallman
10:00am Mark of Zorro (1940)
12:00pm Superhero Fun: Games and Crafts for Kids
2:00pm  Incredible Hulk (2008)
4:00pm  Flash Gordon (1980)

For more detais on the Convention go to

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Starfest 2008 Schedule Update

I’ve swapped around the 11am and Noon program slots on both Saturday and Sunday, I don’t want my stuff to have to compete with Masi Oka and Nana Visitor.

The Trailers are now on Saturday at 11:00am.  The Movie News (Live Podcast) is now on Sunday at 11:00am.

I won’t have time to change the schedule on the website here, but it will be correct in the main program guide.

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Starfest 2008 Video Room Schedule

Here is the schedule for Starfest 2008 (subject to change based on guest schedules)

Superhero Cinema Starfest 2008
Marriott DTC – Denver CO

Friday April 18 2008

6:00pm        The Rocketeer (1991)
7:30pm        Batman Begins (2005)
10:00pm      Mystery Men (1999) Party – dress as your favorite superhero!

Saturday April 19 2008

8:00am       Saturday Morning Superheroes with Isis, Superfriends and
ElectraWoman and DynaGirl
10:00am     Superman: Doomsday (2007) with Adam Baldwin as Superman

11:00am     Automan (1983) Death by Design with Anne Lockhart
12:00pm     Upcoming Movie Trailers and Superhero Fan Films
1:00pm       Incredible Hulk (1977) – The Wedding
3:00pm       Heroes (2006) Episodes with Nichelle Nichols
and Zachary Quinto
5:00pm       Justice League (2005) Task Force X and The Once & Future Thing
with Adam Baldwin
6:00pm       Surge of Power (2004) with Nichelle Nichols
7:30pm       The Tick (1994) Heroes
8:00pm       Hellboy: Sword of Storms (2006)
Hellboy: Blood and Iron (2007)
10:00pm      Transformers (2007) or Viewers Choice

Sunday April 20 2008

8:00am        Iron Man (2004) Armor Wars Pt 1&2 and Hulbuster

9:00am        Doctor Strange (2007) Animated Movie
10:00am      The Spirit (1997) TV Pilot with Nana Visitor
11:00am      Batman and Spiderman Animated with Nichelle Nichols
12:00pm      Superhero Cinema News – live Podcast
1:00pm        Gaming: Marvel Scene It
3:00pm        Upcoming Movie Trailers and Superhero Fan Films (Replay)
4:00pm        Legends of the Superheroes and Superhero Roast (1978) Live action
with Adam West as Batman

For more detais on the Convention go to

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Superhero Theater Schedule 2007

6:00pm InfraMan (1975)
Bonus: Ultraman (1966) Ultra Operation No. 1
8:00pm Blankman (1994)
Bonus: The Tick (1994) The Tick vs. The Tick
10:00pm The Return of Captain Invincible (1983) w/Oscar winner Alan Arkin
9:00am Spider-Man (1994) The Venom Saga
10:30am Spider-Man Unlimited (1999) One is the Loneliest Number with Venom
11:00pm Superhero Cinema News Live Podcast
12:00pm Fan Films/Movie Trailers/Music Videos
1:00pm Smallville Legends: The Oliver Queen Chronicles
1:30pm Spider-Man 3 Video Blogs – Behind the scenes of the new movie!
Bonus: Spider-Man (1967) Sands of Crime
2:00pm The Last Electric Knight (1986) TV Pilot with Gil Gerard
2:40pm Incredible Hulk (1996) Innocent Blood with Ghost Rider
3:00pm Heroes (2006) Unaired Alternate Pilot
4:00pm Fantastic Four (1994) The Silver Surfer and The Coming of Galactus Parts 1 & 2When Calls Galactus with Ghost Rider
5:00pm Silver Surfer (1997) The Origin of the Silver Surfer
6:00pm Captain America (1994) Unreleased Feature Film
Bonus: Captain America (1996) The Origin of Captain America
8:00pm The Last Dragon (1985)
Bonus: Spider-Man (1994) Blade: The Vampire Hunter
10:00pm Surge of Power (2004)
9:00am Transformers: The Movie (1986) with Leonard Nimoy
Bonus: The Powerpuff Girls (1998) Slumbering with the Enemy
11:00am Smallville (2001) Justice
Justice League Unlimited (2004) The Great Brain Robbery with Oded Fehr
12:00pm Gametime: Marvel Scene-It Edition Come and play Marvel movie trivia for prizes!
2:00pm Wonder Woman (1976) Spaced Out with Rene Auberjonois
Aquaman (2006) Unaired TV Pilot with Justin Hartley from Smallville
Bonus: Justice League (2001) The Terror Beyond Parts 1 & 2
4:00pm Greatest American Hero (1980) first episode plus
Greatest American Heroine Pilot (Final Episode)

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Starfest 2006 Video Room Schedule

Superhero Theater 2.0

Friday              Just for Fun Friday

6:00pm       Hero at Large (1980)

8:00pm       Sky High (2005)

10:00pm     Comic Book the Movie (2004) starring Mark Hamill

Saturday        Superman Saturday

10:00am     Batman Beyond (1999) Animated Movie with George Takei

11:30am     Superboy (1961) and Superpup (1958)  Unaired TV Pilots

12:00pm     Smallville (2005) Run with The Flash

1:00pm       Director Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns Video Diaries

2:00pm       Justice League Unlimited (2004) For the Man Who Has Everything

2:30pm       Superman Animated (1996) Brave New Metropolis

3:00pm       Fan Films and Movie Trailers

4:00pm       Lois and Clark (1993) A Bolt From the Blue with Denise Crosby

5:00pm       Birds of Prey (2002) Prey For The Hunter with Joe Flanigan

6:00pm       It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman (1975) Broadway Musical

7:30pm       Superman: The Movie (1978)

10:00pm      Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze (1975)

Sunday         Major Marvel Sunday

10:00am     Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked (2003) Documentary

11:30am     Fan Films and Movie Trailers

12:30pm     Avengers: United They Stand (1999) Avengers Assemble

1:00pm       Pryde of the X-Men (1989) Animated Pilot

1:30pm       Generation X (1996) TV Movie

3:00pm       Upcoming Superhero Movie and TV Projects Panel

4:00pm       Spiderman Animated (1994) Doctor Strange with George Takei

4:30pm       Fantastic Four (1994) Unreleased Feature

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Opus 2005 Video Room Schedule

Superhero Theater

Friday              A Different Take

7:00pm       The Specials (2000) 82min

9:00pm       Unbreakable (2000) 106min

Saturday        Batman From Then to Now

10:00am     Batman and Robin (1949) 60min

11:00am     Batman (1966) 105min

1:00pm       Scooby Doo Meets Batman

2:00pm       Challenge of the Superfriends  *

3:00pm       Upcoming Superhero Movie News

3:30pm       Fan Films and Trailers Including Batman: Dead End

5:00pm       Justice League       (2001)

5:30pm       The Batman! (2005)

6:00pm       The Batman/Superman Movie (1998) 64min

7:00pm       Batman Forever (1995) 122min

9:00pm       Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000) 77min

Sunday         Fantastic Four and More

10:00am     The New Fantastic Four (1978) Animated

11:00am     Stamp Day for Superman (1954) with Majesticon guest Noel Neil

11:30am     Movie Trailers

12:00pm     Fantastic Four (1994) Animated

2:00pm       Silver Surfer Animated (1998)

3:00pm            Fantastic Four (1994) Unreleased feature

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Starfest 2005 Video Room Schedule

Superhero Theater

Friday              The New Breed

6:00pm       Blade II (2002)

8:00pm       The Incredibles (2004)

10:00pm     Hellboy (2004)

Saturday       Marvel Madness

8:00am       Captain America (1966) Animated

8:30am       Sub-Mariner (1966) Animated

9:00am       Incredible Hulk (1966) Animated

9:30am       Spider-Man (1967) Animated

10:00am     The Amazing Spider-Man (1978)

11:30am     Spider-Man Animated (2002) Flash Memory with Jeffrey Combs

12:00pm     The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (1989) with Daredevil

1:30pm       Incredible Hulk (1982) Animated Origin of the Hulk

2:00pm       X2: X-Men United (2003)

4:00pm       Fantastic Four (1994) Unreleased Feature

5:30pm       Fantastic Four (1978) Animated and Trailers for new FF movie

6:00pm       Captain America II: Death Too Soon (1979) TV Movie

7:30pm       X-Men Evolution (2004) Animated with Captain America

8:00pm       Dr. Strange (1978) TV Movie

9:30pm       Incredible Hulk (1996) Animated with Dr. Strange

10:00pm     Doctor Mordrid  (1992) “Dr. Strange” film starring Jeffrey Combs

Sunday         DC Dazzle

8:00am       Superman (1966) Animated

8:30am       Flash (1966) Animated

9:00am       Justice League (1966) Animated

9:30am       Justice League Unlimited (2004) Fearful Symmetry

with Jeffrey Combs

10:00am     Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993)

11:30am     Batman Fan Films and Trailers for Batman Begins

12:00pm     The New Original Wonder Woman (1975)

1:30pm       Justice League Unlimited (2004) Hawk and Dove

2:00pm       Upcoming Superhero Projects Discussion

3:00pm       The Flash (1990) Captain Cold with Jeffrey Combs

4:00pm       Superman: The Movie (1978)

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