Podcast Issue #14 – Countdown to Comic-Con

Middle of July 2007

Discussion and Corrections

1.    The actor who played the head of Sector 7 in Transformers was Michael O’Neill.
2.    Comic-Con schedule.


1.    Laura Vandervoort cast as Supergirl in Smallville.
2.    Heroes receives 8 emmy nominations.
3.    Heroes named Program of the Year by the TCA.
4.    Seth Rogen is in talks for Green Hornet.
5.    Seth Rogen wants Stephen Chow for Kato.
6.    Gavin Hood (Tsotsi) directing Wolverine.
7.    Fox registers wolverineorigins.com and magnetoorigins.com
8.    Transformers box office.
9.    Jonah Hex news.
10.    Who Wants to be a Superhero starts this week.

Rumor Treadmill

1.    Watchmen casting…again.
2.    Dark Knight teaser.
3.    Ray Stevenson (Rome) starring in Punisher 2.
4.    Avi Arad confirms Sam Jackson in Iron Man (Nick Fury) cameo?  Hilary Swank too?