Ah, the reboot. How we love to hate thee.

You know, when I was at the apex of reading comics, there was one reboot that made me stop reading them to the extent that I was.  It was  Amazing Spider-Man.  The editorial staff at Marvel, in all their glorious wisdom, decided that the Peter Parker that we the readers knew and loved for over 200 issues wasn’t Peter at all, but a clone named Ben Reilly.  And even though they said “Whoops, we take it back,” the damage was done.  I was no longer a faithful reader of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.  It was a big ol’ fail of a semi-reboot.  And they had another one recently after the whole Civil War thing where Spidey revealed himself publically, but Mephisto said “Backsies!” and everything was back to a semi-status quo.

Now, the big kerfluffle and the latest character to get a reboot, is everybody’s favorite superhero born with the concept of female bondage: Wonder Woman.  Well, I don’t know much about her tangled timeline, but it sounds like she is due for a reboot.  Will the masses flock to the title knowing that they don’t need to know what happened before?  Will they alienate all the loyal readers who have been rewarded with sticking with the title through thick and thin?  Do those readers even exist anymore? (Note to self…future Superhero Cinema News blog entry comparing the music industry’s CD sales to comic book industry’s subscription sales).

I wish DC the best of luck.  They’re not my comic publisher of choice (heck, I buy more Dark Horse titles now than Marvel), but I don’t wish them ill.  I don’t necessarily hate thee, but I scoff at their attempt to reboot.  You never know.

And here is the new costume to go with the reboot.  Less skin, more black leather.  May all fanboys drool: