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Podcast Issue #8 – Graphically Arresting

Week of May 2, 2007.


1.    Mark writes in to ban “Visually Interesting” from our vocabulary.


1.    New Fantastic Four Trailer
2.    Superman/Doomsday DVD trailer
3.    Iron Man news and new pictures.
4.    Eric Roberts in Dark Knight as a Mafia Boss.
5.    David Goyer Directing Magneto.
6.    Chuck Russel hired to direct Mandrake (The Magician)
7.    Warner Bros. options Frank Miller’s Ronin.
8.    The Flash on The Batman next season.
9.    Smallville online component.
10.    Free Comic Book Day info. (Would have been a lot more useful it I had gotten the podcast out by the weekend.)

Rumor Treadmill:

1.    Wolverine casting notice?
2.    Wolverine script review online.
3.    Joker pics are fan fakes.
4.    Sarah Michelle Gellar as Harley
5.    Hulk Grey?
6.    Is Shaun Toub Yinsen, not Mandarin?

Issue 8

Posted by Michael - May 7, 2007 at 1:43 pm

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