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Podcast Issue #3 – Property Rights

Week of March 21st 2007 (The show was uploaded very late, that will not happen this week, promise!)

Notes on last weeks show:
Frank Miller corrections.


1. Green Hornet optioned by Columbia.
2. Jefferson talks about some other comics properties optioned, Whiteout and The Surrogates.
3. We talk a lot about movie options.
3. Joss Whedon is off the Wonder Woman movie.
4. David Goyer is off The Flash.
5. What’s up with DC?
6. New DVD releases this summer, animated Batman from 1977, animated Superman from 1966.
7. A big discussion about an interview Zack Snyder (300 director) did this week about Watchmen.

We get on the Rumor Treadmill and discuss rumors about:

1. Watchmen
2. Shazam!
3. The Dark Knight
4. The next Superman sequel

We also discuss whether the Transformers movie will suck, and why the Hellboy animated movies rule.  We also whine about Cartoon Network’s scheduling.

Issue 3

Posted by Michael - March 27, 2007 at 1:56 pm

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