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Podcast Issue #17 – The Short One

This is our shortest show ever, I guess I was just really tired after DragonCon, we’re excited about the Iron Man teaser, the Scream Awards on Spike and new rumors about JLA.

Beginning of September 2007

Emails and corrections:

1.    Transformers 1:  Optimus was Peter Cullen, not Culkin
2.    Transformers 2: Voice of Starscream in new animated series is Tom Kenny not  Chris Latta
3.    DragonCon – CRAZY!
4.    Interview clip with John Wesley Shipp.


1.    Iron Man Teaser on TV September 10.
2.    Stephen Sommers (Mummy) directing GI JOE.
3.    A writer is hired for GI JOE.
4.    Documentary about Christopher Reeve.
5.    Punisher 2 is now Punisher: War Zone.
6.    Hancock, casting and synopsis.
7.    ACLU putting out comic books.
8.    Scream Awards on Spike TV October 23.


1.    JLA Rumors continue, casting notices?
2.    Wonder Twins?

Issue 17

Posted by Michael - September 20, 2007 at 11:14 am

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