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Opus 2005 Video Room Schedule

Superhero Theater

Friday              A Different Take

7:00pm       The Specials (2000) 82min

9:00pm       Unbreakable (2000) 106min

Saturday        Batman From Then to Now

10:00am     Batman and Robin (1949) 60min

11:00am     Batman (1966) 105min

1:00pm       Scooby Doo Meets Batman

2:00pm       Challenge of the Superfriends  *

3:00pm       Upcoming Superhero Movie News

3:30pm       Fan Films and Trailers Including Batman: Dead End

5:00pm       Justice League       (2001)

5:30pm       The Batman! (2005)

6:00pm       The Batman/Superman Movie (1998) 64min

7:00pm       Batman Forever (1995) 122min

9:00pm       Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000) 77min

Sunday         Fantastic Four and More

10:00am     The New Fantastic Four (1978) Animated

11:00am     Stamp Day for Superman (1954) with Majesticon guest Noel Neil

11:30am     Movie Trailers

12:00pm     Fantastic Four (1994) Animated

2:00pm       Silver Surfer Animated (1998)

3:00pm            Fantastic Four (1994) Unreleased feature

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