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No Heroics – Thoughts

No HeroicsI watched the 6 episode British TV sitcom No Heroics today. It aired in 2008, I only know about it because there was a pilot for an American remake in 2009, thankfully it was not picked up for a series because an American remake would totally mess it up.

I’m still interested in seeing the American pilot sometime, as Freddie Prinze Jr. was playing the jerk superhero character, and Paul Campbell (Billy from BSG) was the lead character.

I was also interested in watching the original show as the creator, Drew Pearce, was just hired by Marvel to write a script of The Runaways.

But back to the original British show, I want more!! I wish it lasted beyond it’s original 6 episode run. The premise is simple, “The world is the same, with one difference, there are superheroes.”

Most of the action takes place in a bar, The Fortress, with some rules, no powers, no costumes, no sidekicks. This keeps the main characters out of costume most of the time. But occasionally, as we see them out of the bar, or in flashback describing their day, they are in costume.

What I liked:

The four main characters are hilarious.
There’s a lot of foul language, even for a British TV series
The “main” character, The Hotness, is very sympathetic and funny
Electroclash is totally hot
The Sayid rip-off character, Timebomb, is one of the most interesting and scary characters ever on TV
Electroclash is totally hot
It’s great to see a “full figured” woman (She-Force) as one of the superheroes, and the most powerful
Did I mention that Electroclash is totally hot?

The supporting characters, are all equally funny, even the goofy villains
The special effects are surprisingly good, especially by 1970s Dr. Who standards

I hope it comes out on DVD in the US soon.

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Podcast Issue #6 – Getting Things Wrong

This was intended to be uploaded before the weekend, but preparations for the live event this weekend got in the way.  In the meantime we got a story wrong (along with the rest of the internet).

Week of April 17, 2007


1.    We received another Fake news story from Blake, keep ‘em coming.

Corrections and Notes from the previous show:

1.    Nova was a member of the Nova Corps. and bore a very strong resemblance to Green Lantern.
2.    The Sandman is unlikely to be a movie any time soon.
3.    Secret Wars was done as storyline in the 90s Spider-Man animated series.
4.    Thanos was used in the 90s Silver Surfer series.


1.    Ed Norton cast as Bruce Banner in the Incredible Hulk.
2.    Laurence Fishburne is the voice of Galactus in FF2. (Since we recorded this, this has since been corrected, he’s actually playing the voice of Silver Surfer).
3.    Christina Ricci joins the cast of Speed Racer as Trixie.
4.    Bill Smitrovich cast in Iron Man.
5.    First picture of Iron Man in the first model “Grey Armor” has hit the web.
6.    A new screenwriter on Punisher 2.
7.    Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) talks Smallville Season 7
8.    The creator of Ghost Rider is suing Marvel, Sony and anyone else with an address.
9.    The Tribeca film festival will host the US premiere of Spider-Man 3 next month in all 5 boroughs of New York City,
10.    The festival will also have two panels on Superhero Movies.
11.    A Will Eisner documentary will also debut at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Discussion Topics:

1.    Heroes is back April 23, watch it, we love it.
2.    Read the graphic novels at we discuss how NBC has really created an active world outside of the show with the novels and the interactive text messages.
3.    The next show will be in front of a live audience at Starfest

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