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Podcast Issue #13 – All Sparked Up

I know, there’s no Issue 12, it will be put out, but probably not until after Comic-Con, this show and the next two after it
are more important because of Comic-Con.

1st half of July 2007

Show update

1.    We’re moving to a bi-weekly schedule.
2.    We now have phone number for feedback 303-800-HERO.


1.    Transformers Box Office, broke all records for a “non sequel”.
2.    Transformers reviews.
3.    New Transformers animated series.
4.    Future Spider-Man films?
5.    Christian Bale on second Batman sequel.
6.    Casting news for The Dark Knight.
7.    New Line options Conan.
8.    Heroes casting news.
9.    Heroes world tour for DVD release.
10.    Watchmen casting historical figures.
11.    Screenplay for Sgt Rock.
12.    A rant about casting big name actors in Superhero films.
13.    Comic-Con schedule announced.

Rumor Treadmill

1.    Billy Crudup for Dr Manhattan in Watchmen?
2.    Has Watchmen viral marketing begun?
3.    Superman Returns sequel? Kevin Spacey back?

Posted by Michael - July 24, 2007 at 11:30 am

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Podcast Issue #10 – Surf Worthy

Week of  May 23, 2007

Opinions and Corrections:

1. Heroes finale – what the hell?
2. Smallville finale thoughts.
3. Fantastic Four 2 movie trailers – We ask, how many is too many?
4. Neil Gaiman’s Stardust.


1.    Spider-Man box office, Week 3.
2.    The Dark Knight, casting news and viral marketing campaign.
3.    Heroes Season 2 and DVD news.
4.    Thomas Jane out as the Punisher.
5.    Sgt Rock film news.
6.    Robert Rodriguez to direct Barbarella.
7.    Bionic Woman picked up by NBC
8.    Another convention appearance at Opus Fest.

Rumor Treadmill:

1.    The Rock wants to play Shazam/Captain Marvel.
2.    Gerard Butler not in Watchmen.
3.    Possible Watchmen casting, not sure we’re happy about it.

Posted by Michael - June 3, 2007 at 1:40 pm

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